Principles of using electrode paste

Principles of using electrode paste

Principles of using electrode paste

Principles of using electrode paste

 electrode paste is the raw material for the manufacture of calcium carbide furnace electrodes. To avoid the occurrence of various electrode accidents, the quality of the electrode paste itself is better. In addition, it is also important to manage, control and operate the calcium carbide furnace electrodes. The quality of the electrode paste sintering is good or bad 3. The occurrence of various electrode accidents is directly related to electrode management, control and operation. To reduce electrode accidents, it is necessary to be familiar with various factors that affect the electrode sintering and consumption rate; three-phase electrodes must be scientifically operated to make the electrodes be placed and sintered in an orderly and uniform manner. Reducing electrode accidents is the direction of unremitting efforts of every calcium carbide furnace and electrode paste production manager. The management of calcium carbide furnace electrodes includes operation management of electrode paste posts, production and docking of electrode cylinders, control of electrode paste columns and addition of electrode paste, control of electrode pressure and consumption, maintenance of self-baking electrodes when furnace is stopped, calcium carbide Opening operation of the furnace, etc.


【Carbographite Carbon】
Carbographite Carbon is a leading group company in China that mainly produces and sells carbon metallurgical materials, provides fast quotation, reliable quality, competitively priced products and delivers services as quickly as possible in accordance with industrial standards and customer requirements. Founded in Zhengzhou in central and eastern China in 1992. In order to play a greater role in the entire production and supply chain, we work closely with our customers. With more than 20 years of professional experience and expertise in the carbon metallurgy industry, the company is committed to research and development and provides a series of high-quality, innovative, cost-effective carbon and metallurgical products and solutions. At present, the main products include graphite electrodes, electrode paste, forged petroleum coke and refractory materials. The product line includes carbon materials, graphite materials, refractory materials and water treatment materials. With an annual output of 200,000 tons of electrode paste, 50,000 tons of graphite electrode, 250,000 tons of calcined coke, 20,000 tons of refractory materials, etc.

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